Friday, September 15, 2017

CrafTreat September Release - Stencils and Paper packs

Hello all!!,

               A warm welcome to yet another Successful Release by CrafTreat!! We are so glad you are loving our products and grateful for all the support you offer us! As always , we are all set to Exceed your expectations this month too!!  

We are implementing a new concept in Stencils - Layered Stencils . We saw that you loved our 2 Step Stencils. But wished  that we offer it in pocket friendly price! "Your wish is our command!" . So , here we come up with 2 Step, 3 Step stencil in a single pack!! In Designs that you will love and would like to use again and again.

Layered Stencils - 2 Steps

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - CityScape

                                                    CrafTreat Layered Stencil - Butterflies

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - Leaves

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - Christmas

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - Cherry Blossom

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - Poppy

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - Mannequin

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - Peacock

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - Feather

Layered Stencils - 3 Steps

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - Rose
CrafTreat Layered Stencil - Sunflower

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - Bird Nest

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - 3 Tier Cake

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - CupCake

Layered Stencils - 2 Steps (Can be used individually)

CrafTreat Layered Stencil - Flower Center


Here is another awesome release of Scrapbook Papers!! This time with a different theme!! This is such a bright and vibrant color scheme - perfect for any color scheme, your photos might be in. To be used in any photo Scrapbooks or even Cards !! It has some beautiful images of photo props, instaframes, cameras and more!!!

CrafTreat Paper Pack - Selfie Time

Which Scrapbooker/Cardmaker does nt like a girly paper pack?!!! Dazzling Diva  is a pack that has all  Girl clothing, accessories , Gems and more!! In beautiful peach and pink color, this pack will be an absolute favorite for all girls!!

CrafTreat Paper Pack - Dazzling Diva

And this is a shaker chipboard matching Dazzling Diva Diamond!!

CrafTreat 3D Shaker Chipboard - Diamond

Hope you loved our release !! Do leave some love and suggestions, so we get to know more about what you need!!

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  1. Congratulations! All the releases are beautiful

  2. Its hard to believe they are stencils and not layering stamps ;)

  3. Wow! The stencils are amazing! This is a fantastic release!!