Wednesday, November 15, 2017

CrafTreat November 2017 Release

Hello Ladies,

            It is Mid month and is time for another Fabulous CrafTreat Release!!! We are so happy to see your response for the previous release . As always , we always to strive to give , what the end user needs. So if you have something product/design in mind, feel free to let us know.. mail us at

         Now, this month Release is all about Basic and Geometrical Patterns.We have had a lot of request to release basic designs like Dots, Chevrons and Stripes. And so is this release.

Below are a few Basic Patterns.. They are evergreen and will be your goto stencils, for any kind of projects you work on!

CrafTreat Stencil - Small Polka Dot
CrafTreat Stencil - Polka Dot
 CrafTreat Stencil - Chevrons
 CrafTreat Stencil - Interrupted Stripes

After the Basics, what we all need is some Geometrical Designs like squares, triangles, hearts, hexagons, stars..etc.. These do not belong to any theme and so it can be used in any project , you might be working on!!

CrafTreat Stencil - Connected Hexagons
 CrafTreat Stencil - Dotted Stripes
 CrafTreat Stencil - Heart Dart
 CrafTreat Stencil - Memphis Triangles

 CrafTreat Stencil - Striped Herringbone
 CrafTreat Stencil - Graduated Stripes
 CrafTreat Stencil - Heart Checks
CrafTreat Stencil - Checkered

You will need these designs in any day to day project.. And so dont wait.. go buy your stencils now!!

We also have some more designs in Decoupage Papers, that were to be released along with previous paper release. Looks like, the time comes now only :) So here we go, more designs in decoupage papers!! :)

CrafTreat Decoupage Papers - Flowers
 CrafTreat Decoupage Papers - CupCakes

CrafTreat Decoupage Papers - Metal
 CrafTreat Decoupage Papers - Paris with Love

CrafTreat Decoupage Papers - Tribal

 Hope you all liked our release this month and are tempted to buy a few :) . Would love to hear from you and see your works with these!!

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