Monday, November 6, 2017

Foldable Pen Stand

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Today I'm at the Craftreat Blog with a step by step tutorial of my favourite Foldable Decoupage Pen Stand.

Here's the brief of the tutorial.

Take a mount board and cut out 6 pieces of 5"height by 2"width.  Also cut a hexagon with 2" outer edge measurement on all 6 sides. This is for the base of the stand.

Adhere the 6 strips one next to the other, with a little gap in between, onto a 14" wide and 6" height Handmade paper. After sticking the strips, when we roll, it should form a hexagon shape.
Stick the base too, the hexagon cutout, onto the handmade paper. 

Take another rectangular sheet of handmade paper of 13" by 5" measurement and stick on the other side, so as to cover the strips. Score the gaps between the strips so that it is easily foldable. Stick the extra paper on top and bottom, to the inside. 

Next cut 2 small strips of mount board and stick on one edge of strips 2 and 5.
These will form support for the base for the hexagon of the pen stand. Base hexagon is now attached to strip 2 in such a way that when pushed from inside it will go and rest on the opposite side, that is on strip 5. When it is not required, this base can be pushed from underneath to lay flat. 
Lastly stick the edges of the 1st strip to 6th strip. 
The pen stand is ready. 

Bottom view when open fully

Side view when flat

Top View when flat

Top view when open fully. 

I next made it look decorative with Craftreat papers. I used the Steam Punk papers to decoupage on 3 alternate sides and basket weave stencil on the other 3 alternate sides.  

It is a convenient handy box that occupies less space while travelling. Whenever I go out for art demos, I take this along to keep my brushes and tools. 

I made another box in similar manner and decorated with Floral wood Craftreat papers on all 6 sides.
I cut the sheet slightly smaller than 5"/2", so that the handmade paper forms the border. 


The following are the materials I used for the project.

Craftreat Decoupage Paper Floral Wood
Craftreat Decoupage Paper Steam Punk
Craftreat Basket Weave Stencil
Plaid Mod Podge
Handmade Paper
Mount Board
Scoring Board
Cutting Board

Here's a video tutorial of the same. Hop on to the link and don't forget to subscribe for the same

youtube link 

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