Friday, December 22, 2017

Dining Set With Craftreat Stencil

Christmas is all about family, friends, food and gifts. How about combining all of it with an artistic touch.....😉

I'm at the Craftreat Blog with a tutorial on Dining sets.

An easy to make set of 4 coasters, 4 dining mats and a cutlery stand.... all with one stencil and 2 colours. Unbelievable right... Let's get started.

I used a combo of Vivo Decor Precious Metal Color Cinnamon and Turquoise along with Craftreat Marble stencil. These colours are so dense and versatile, the metallic sheen is just awesome. And you know... what it hardly takes time. All the the articles were ready in a jiffy.

15 minutes...that was all the time I gave myself and as it turns out, that's all the time I needed.
Off late I have been testing products not only for their versatility  but also for the time it takes to complete a design. And the  Craftreat stencil only goes to stand by my speculation.

If you liked the design as much as I do then please do check out the CraftShop for more cool products.

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