Friday, January 19, 2018

CrafTreat January 2018 Release


       How are you doing?!! Hoping your New Year is excellent for you!! We are so happy, for having a release month and excited about the forth coming release too!!

    This release has a set of Stencils all in theme "CREATE A SCENE". As usual we have a bundle deal too!! This set is comprehensive and has most of the designs you need to create a scene. Apart from that we are releasing 12x12 stencils.. we know you guys waited for it so long!! You need not wait any more!!

CrafTreat Storage JarsThese storage tins are the ideal storage solution for small embellishments, glitter, beads, and more. Store and organize all of your tiny crafting elements in these clear PET jars with metal lids. 
Comes in a pack of 3.

6x6 Stencils

CrafTreat Stencil - Starry Sky

CrafTreat Stencil - Wire Fence

CrafTreat Stencil - Hanging Ivy

CrafTreat Stencil - Sunrays

CrafTreat Stencil - Waves

CrafTreat Stencil - Grass

CrafTreat Stencil - Landscapes

CrafTreat Stencil - Baby Background

CrafTreat Stencil - Numeric

CrafTreat Stencil - Dotted Daisy Pattern

Our most popular 6x6 stencils in 12x12 Size

Woah!! That just makes it 100 designs in our stencils!!! That calls for a celebration!!!
Mention in the comment, which is your favorite stencil and win the same!!

Hope you all love the release!! Would love to hear from you!! Do leave some love

We have lots more planned in the next release. Keep watching the space!

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  1. Lovely launch... Congrats for the century..
    I love starry sky stencil

  2. Lovely new stencils.Starry Sky, Landscape and grass are too good.