Monday, April 23, 2018

How to Choose Pattern Papers for your Projects - The Easy Way!!

Craft a Selfie

Hi All,
I am Ranjitha Arul…. For those who do not know me . I have been a paper crafter for almost 20 years. I used to make such a mess in my room that my mum tried to get me into sewing and other hobbies that would not make  a mess……. but of no avail Paper won me over fair and square.
I am from Chennai and have known The Craft Shop team for almost eight years.

Though I have been using paper for my cards all my life the challenge I have had is with pattern papers, on discussing this with other crafting friends I  found that they faced the same issue.
I would like to share a few tricks I learned over the years in using a pattern paper pad for any project without mulling too much over it.
My projects usually are personalised and custom made bulk orders. I do not have the luxury of time to sit and match things up and so would, like to share what I have learnt and a quick folio at the end reiterating the rules I talk about.

There are 3 Golden Rules  you may want to follow for pattern paper:
1. Any paper pack you pick should have a large, medium and small design that co-ordinate with each other. They usually do, as designers think that way too.

     2.   The designs need to be colour coordinated. There should be at least one colour in common to all three size of patterns we talk about in point 1.
3.   They should match your base card

Let us apply these to choose our papers

Rule 1 in action:

Pic 1 is the pack called Selfie Time    from CrafTreat.

You may not buy it at first glance, as you do not see the potential.      

Let us apply rule one
Does it have a large design . Yes the pink and the mustard.
A small and medium design. Yes the navy and the teal .
The white one carries all the colors that are above it.

Pics below show Rule 2 :

 Does it have color co-ordinated sheets… Yes it does. You have one sheet that has all the colors in a medium design and so it is easy to match it up with the large and medium / small designs from other colors.


Let us apply Rule 3: 

As the back ground is decided by you , you can use the above combos on a white , teal, navy , dark pink or black card stock.

Now that we have learnt to choose pattern papers, we will not see, how they can be put together into a folio in the next post tomorrow!! Please join me tomorrow too!!
Keep Crafting


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