Monday, May 28, 2018

Saving Money with Craftreat Decoupage Papers

Hi Everyone,

So I am hoping my friends and me at Craftreat are inspiring you enough to craft inspite of the heat! 

Today I have got you projects that save some money (in their own way). Yes! you heard me right. 

Project 1: 

So here is something I renovated. I got this wallet but it's top layer started to wear off pretty soon and the best way to save some money is to always recycle and renovate. Decoupage gives us that flexibility and it is one art that can transform anything from trash to the most cherished and precious item in your household.

Since the top layer had worn off I first sanded the entire base to remove any tits bits that could be still hanging on to the wallet. Post that I coated it with white Gesso. If you have an old wallet that needs renovation and is'nt white then this step is mandatory. This step not only gives a cleaner base colour to the item you are remodeling but also ensures to make the base non porous. This would help in better application of paints.

After the gesso was completely dry, I took a combo of  chalk paints-Light Blue, Grey, Deep Blue and White. Dabbed them with a foam in the proportion that would give me the desired look. While they dried, I fussy cut some roses from a couple of Decoupage papers.

Roughly arranged them to see what look I preferred. Once I was satisfied with the arrangement, I took each piece and smeared mod podge behind them to stick them on the wallet. After all the pieces were adhered as per design, I put some mod podge over the fussy cut pieces and sealed them.

Took a stencil and some deep blue shade of chalk paint to create patterns to blend in the overall design. After everything was completely dry, I applied a varnish to waterproof it and there was my all new done up wallet that I can proudly flaunt. 

Project 2:

My second project is also a money saving one (in the traditional way). I remember those earthen piggy banks my parents got me, which had to be broken in order to get the money out. Then came the lock and key ones and many other designs and now the fashion in any branded gift store is the mason jar or a shadow box format piggy bank. To be honest, I love them and find them really funky but I also find them way too expensive. So I decided to replicate it. 

I took Craftreat Decoupage paper and fussy cut the vintage car and rearranged it on the plain side of the paper from the same collection. Put down the title for which I wanted to save the money for (this is going for all the petty cash one needs during travels and vacations) -"Adventure Funds"! Took it to my local framing guy and asked him to frame it like a shadow box with a slit cut on the top at a pretty nominal cost and there I had a lovely money saving piggy bank at almost 1/3 the cost that one finds in the store. 

Hope you liked these projects and are inspired to make your own ones. 



Supplies Used:

Project 1

Project 2


  1. Beautiful upcycled projects. No one can say that once it was a old wallet

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so seeing you after a long time in the blog land...or maybe i have been away for way too long

  3. Absolutely loved the renovated wallet.