Sunday, June 3, 2018

DIY Planters with Decoupage Papers by Angela Jose

Hi Guys,

      This is Angela Jose, back again with a pretty project with Crafttreats new release of decoupage papers.

            Decoupage papers are the best thing to happen to any DIYer. With the variety of patterns and designs they come in, you can never run out of projects to make with them! Now there are three general categories of papers with which you can decoupage - decoupage napkins, decoupage papers and pattern papers. Decoupage napkins are extremely thin papers, comes in 2ply/3ply etc of which you have to peel out the top printed layer and decoupage to the surface you want. The advantage of decoupage napkin is that they are extemely thin so it becomes the surface itself and looks very real. On the other side, the images look well on white/primed surface which gives us a limitation on using them on darker surfaces. As for pattern papers, you can use them on any shade of surfaces but due to its thickness, they dont easily merge with the surface. They look best on flat surfaces like trays etc where the papers cover the entire surface. Last comes our decoupage papers that overcome the disadvantage of a napkin and has the advantage of pattern paper.

      I have two projects with decoupage papers from two paper sets from the recent Crafttreat release. Each set of decoupage papers has papers in four different patterns. I loved the pretty roses, birds and cage patterns and also all-over patterned decoupage papers that compliments the main images. I made two DIY indoor planters with the decoupage papers from the newly released Craftreat decoupage paper sets. For the first one, I fussy cut the roses, rose leaves, and birds from the decoupage papers and tried arranging them to fit them on a flat surface. The image itself is all put together but the size of my planter wouldn't accommodate it in its original layout so I had to cut them out and rearrange. The planter I had was plain red ones in plastic, so I sanded the surface a bit to help my base coat adhere well. I primed the surface with white gesso and I love using a sponge for this instead of a brush. Normally I use brush for the first coat as its easier and then sponge for the second coat so that the final finish doesn't have visible brush strokes. I love that grainy surface with a sponge :)

      Now for the cutouts from the decoupage paper, I used mod podge to adhere them to the prepared base. Before you start adhering, since the paper is not as thin as decoupage napkin, they end up with harsh fold creases/edges on a curved surface so soak it up in a little water for a minute and you will be able to mold it onto the curved surface.

     Unlike the decoupage napkins where you apply the decoupage glue over the surface, you need to apply a layer below as well in this case. Once that is dry, apply another coat over it and set all the pieces in place. The image and the base was at abrupt contrast which is a style on its own but I prefer a slight gradient and blend of image into the background so I dabbed some light green shade around the leaves. Done and I'm glad it looks simple and striking.
For the second DIY project, again a planter but a prettier one thanks to all the glitters I used :D The basic method remains the same but its a simple trick to use all-over-patterned decoupage papers. They cannot be used easily on surfaces other than flat ones so the trick is to cut it out into bits of same dimensions and make patterns with them.

       Cut them into diamonds/circles,strips etc and use your creativity to arrange them in a pretty pattern. This particular decoupage paper had all-over-circle patterns and I knew I couldn't use it as such on this planter with curved surface. So I cut them out along the circles and decoupaged them to the primed surface of the planter.

    I enhanced the look of the patterns and bridged that gap between the white base and pretty pattern, I used these glass beads I'm not sure of what its called though :P I first made circle outlines with these beads and then haphazardly arranged the rest of the beads along the gaps. I think they look lovely with plants in don't they? I cant wait to see what you create with these pretty decoupage papers :) Happy crafting!

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