Sunday, July 22, 2018

Mini Message Carriers- Cocoon Art

Mini Message Carriers- Cocoon Art

Hi All,
Am back after a hectic week with my new grandson coming home and me adjusting to having kids around me again after a long while.

This is a post inspired by not just my grand kids but kids in general.

I saw my grandson having so much fun putting my cocoons onto his tiny fingers that I came up with these finger puppets. The kids went wild with these.. .... young mums with toddlers should try this.

Cocoons are sold as beauty products for the skin too so it cannot harm them.

The cocoons come in so many colors that your imagination is your only limitation.

Just cut the cocoon in half cut out tiny ears and draw the face out with a pencil. You can use these to teach expressions like smile, anger frowns etc.

My research took me to Japan where I discovered that this is an art form. There are whole villages there that survive on this art. Here are a couple of pics below to inspire you

I was also inspired to use this to send secret messages and greeting to my friends and the cocoons empty body is a nice crevice to hide your messages.

This peacock turned out so cute that I decided to use it as a 3D card. The only drawback is that it could not be posted. But as I was meeting the birthday girl in person it worked.

For a guy you can make a crocodile . Take a couple of green cocoons and cut one in half. Attach one half on top of the full cocoon and paint using any water colour paints.

A couple of more inspirations that got me going .

Leaving you with a couple of instructions that I had sourced and some pics that I hope will get you started .

To Make a Seal
To Make an owl

Some sourced pics to stimulate you

I was able to create this forest scene by fashioning my birds and animals from these pics .

This is a page from a quite book that I am making for my kids.

Now that is a totally different post.
See ye all again soon

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