Sunday, August 5, 2018

Cocoon Crafts with Marbling Technique

Hi all
This is Priya Satish on the blog today with some interesting results from my recent experiments. Experimenting is part of my life. Being a dancer and choreographer, I love working with the Chemistry of emotions (Chemistry being my major) to bring out perfect expressions. Likewise, I love working with different painting and crafting techniques to bring out the Chemistry between them. Today I'm sharing one such experiments where I combined the marbling technique with Cocoons to convert them into Navel gazing pendants and Car Danglers.

For the Marble technique, I used the Folkart Marble Paints. They are of perfect consistency and fluidity. And come in amazing colours.😍😍 So I marbled these tini tiny canvases of size 3/3"square, 3" triangle and 4/3" rectangle. They are perfect size for this long chain jewellery. It is also the latest trend to wear these kind of Jewellery, as they go very well with Ethnic wear, Indo western wear, western wear and so on. After I did the marble technique, I attached cocoons to them and converted to fashion accessories. So here they are....

Navel gazing marbled pendants

If it is with short chain, this can be used as Car Danglers/ Doorknob Danglers/ Handbag hangings.  

So hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Have a great day.

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