Friday, October 26, 2018

CrafTreat Release - Oct 18

Hello Lovely ppl, 

                How are you doing?!! We are super happy with your response for the past few months releases and we hope , we would make you all happy with month release!! As the festive season is coming to an end and we have had these themes in pipeline for long time, we believe it is apt to release them now!! 

How about some magic!! How about some stardust?! How about some unicorns and dragons?! Haw about some Magic wands and crowns?!! How about some castles , clear beautidul skies and rainbows?!! SHow about some Happily Ever After?!! Sounds interesting and familiar?!! Yes it is our Fairy Tales!! 

We heard you!!! So this paper can be used for the Love, Wedding theme. Not only that  , except for the Prince paper, it can be used for Little Girls theme too!! Dual purpose and eye catching designs!! Sure to lift up your project!! Great purchase, esp because you have the die cut sheet along with your 12*12 pack!!

No matter, how many Masculine papers, we have in market, it is always difficult to find the right one you want!! Our Mr Perfect will be the ultimate pack you will need!! The colors and patterns go along so well and the projects would be perfect gift for any man in your life!! And esp this comes with die cut sheet too for 12*12 pack!! 

Here comes another beautiful color combo with Roses!! Roses are everybody's favorite and they are perfect when used along with Indigo!! Can be used for any project and theme!!

More decoupage papers for your decoupage works!! Moroccon, paislay and Poppy Patterns!!
And what s more.. we have small designs for your small projects, leather keychains and anything small and cute!!

We had so many request for border stencils and this time we planned for 3"x12"stencils!! All of them perfect to add borders for your Big layouts, Home decor, Decoupage Trays and more!!!

 As usual we have some 6"Stencils. But this time we completely worked around the Doilies and Clocks theme!! Simple and easy clock in just minutes - use any of your paints, pastes and inks and get stunning looks!!

And now, we know you would want them in bigger size too , for making bigger clocks and bigger home decot projects. So 12"stencils, in your favorite designs!!

This is a special stencil, that would make your life easier, if you are drawing simple circles , mandalas, paintings and sculpture paintings!!

We hope you loved our release this month!! Would love to heat back from you!! Do let me know in comments!!

All of them are now available for purchase at The Craft Shop. Shop now!!

Thanks for stopping by

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